How to Obtain Resident Certificates of Utsunomiya, Electronically

If you have selected your house in Utsunomiya City, the next step is a visit
to Utsunomiya City Hall, or shiyakusyo, in the process of settling down like
the citizens of the city.  The purpose of the visit is to register yourself as
a foreigner with an address in the city to get the alien registration card.  If you
have a family, all the family members are required to follow the same procedure.

After the registration application*1  is submitted to the official and a receipt sheet is
issued (this sheet shows the date when your alien registration card is ready and
you show up to pick it up as well as your registration number, and is folded and
attached by a stapler to a page in your passport, and must be checked by
the Immigration Office in granting multiple re-entry permit), ask the same official
to have your seal, or hanko*2 or inkan, registered, and issue a card, designed both
to certify the authenticity of the seal and  to work with a machine which is connected
to the network of the city office and issues the various certificates and documents.
You will be asked to register the password (a combination of 4 figures) for the card
on the spot.  So you don't have to go to the City Hall and fill in the application form.
The machines are placed at  the City Hall (beside the main entrance) and the Tourist
Information Centers (TIC) of Japan National Tourist Organization in JR Utsunomiya
Station (photo). The machine is operable from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM. It is closed only
on the year-end and newyear's holiday, Dec. 29 to Jan. 3.

Among the certificates and documents served by the machine electronically:    
Alien Registration Certificate  Olo^Ϗؖ
 Seal Registration Certificate    ӓo^ؖ

*1  Attach two photos of the same size as the passport photos to alien registration application
*2 Why all the hustle of HANKO , which seems a bit lengthy
    The more compact, practical information on HANKO, for the beginner                       

Tourist Information Center

Ken Matsuoka
Nov. 6, 2000

Ken's Tips on Utsunomiya